Me and Mine 2015

Our family Portraits

This year I came across the β€˜Me and Mine Project’ through dearbeautiful and I loved the idea so much that I couldn’t wait to have a go! The idea is that you take a photo of your whole family each month, so you can watch them change and grow over time. It is the perfect excuse to whip the tripod out and creep out from behind the camera. Continue reading “Me and Mine 2015”


Me and Mine

A family Portrait Project


This month has lasted so long and I am secretly quite glad it is over. I am usually the cheerful type, but this month has tried my patience, leaving me ready to welcome November with open arms.
The usual juggles of work and family life were added to by a VERY broken car, a poorly family and a noticeable lack of sleep. Continue reading “Me and Mine”

Flossie at Four Months

It feels like our three month update has only just been posted, yet here we are, another month later.

This month has flown by, with so much going on and my little love bug has changed so much, once again. The older she gets, the more fun she is, and I love spending my days giggling away with her. Continue reading “Flossie at Four Months”