Flossie is five months!

Since she turned four months old, so much has changed. It feels like she is doing something new every day at the moment and her Daddy and I are doing all we can just to keep up! She is becoming such good company now, she looks up and smiles just to see how I’m doing and is far happier to entertain herself for a short time, which feels like a bloody miracle! Continue reading “Flossie is five months!”


Flossie at Four Months

It feels like our three month update has only just been posted, yet here we are, another month later.

This month has flown by, with so much going on and my little love bug has changed so much, once again. The older she gets, the more fun she is, and I love spending my days giggling away with her. Continue reading “Flossie at Four Months”

The Beginning

This time last year something amazing happened.Β  My whole life changed.

It started with a walk to the shop with my mum. I wasn’t feeling too great and she was taking me out to get something nice for lunch, to perk me up a bit. On the way we chatted about this and that, before a certain subject came up. I think you can guess the subject! Continue reading “The Beginning”