Blogging Resolutions

It is well known that a resolution committed to print is more likely to succeed. Or at least that is true about writing things down so I’m sure that sharing only doubles the effect.

So here is a list of my blogging resolutions for the New Year. Wish me luck and tell me off if I start to slack again!

  1. Blog more!

I have been a little missing in action throughout December and it is so easy to get caught up with family life and forget other things that are important to you! In this case, blogging has been forgotten and for that, I apologise.

During the New Year, I pledge to blog AT LEAST once a week about something worth reading, with addition pieces that are no use to anyone! I’m brainstorming ideas as we speak, so things are looking up.

What blogs posts do you like to read? I could really do with the ideas!

  1. Blog about more interesting things

Up until now my posts have been a little self-indulgent and it is time to consider what you guys would like to read before I hit the keyboard. So this year you can look forward to more product reviews and parenting experience, as well as updates on how our little family is growing.

  1. Share more

I have been holding back, I think that is clear. But it has also become clear that complete honesty is the only way. It’s not only successes that you learn from; it’s the failures too, so I need to be prepared to share such things. It’s so hard!

  1. Read more…and show it

I read a lot of blogs, but sometimes forget to share my favourites and show where I have been, so other bloggers, I promise to be a little more considerate when browsing.

  1. Vlog?

Honestly, I’m brave to even bring this up, but I have been considering vlogging for years now and have never had the balls to do it. But this will be the year!

I have no idea what I am doing, so please help! Any vloggers out there, where did you start and what tips do you have? It is time to stop putting it off and just start creating.

So there are my promises. I will try very hard not to let you down.

Thank you for reading, your the best! Please leave you blogging/ vlogging tips and words of encouragement. I need you!

Love Jade xxx



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