Me and Mine 2015

Our family Portraits

This year I came across the ‘Me and Mine Project’ through dearbeautiful and I loved the idea so much that I couldn’t wait to have a go! The idea is that you take a photo of your whole family each month, so you can watch them change and grow over time. It is the perfect excuse to whip the tripod out and creep out from behind the camera.

It has been hard to remember each month, and unfortunately November was missed (which I was so disappointed about, I won’t make the same mistake again) but so far, the results are lovely and I can’t wait to continue with the project this year.

If you haven’t had a go already, why not take a snap of your family and start your collection now? Also, have a look at all of the other beautiful families taking part.

Do you have any tips for interesting family photos or backdrops? I would love some inspiration for Januarys post.

Love Jade xxx

dear beautiful

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