Flossie is five months!

Since she turned four months old, so much has changed. It feels like she is doing something new every day at the moment and her Daddy and I are doing all we can just to keep up! She is becoming such good company now, she looks up and smiles just to see how I’m doing and is far happier to entertain herself for a short time, which feels like a bloody miracle!

Weighing in at just over 16lb now, I get the feeling that she is a little larger than average. This is mostly because she is wearing 6-9 months clothes and filling them out quite nicely. She has ‘rounded out’ well, with podgy little arms and legs, looking just like a baby should. A big plus is that I am developing arm muscles that could rival a body builder (ok, not quite), something I have never had before.

I have to admit that this is the one thing that has not improved since my last post. Due to being a bit poorly and teething later on in the month, her sleep has been a little bit crap. Waking up multiple times in the night is no longer something I am used to and is hitting me hard. She is also rolling over a few times at night, and since she can’t roll back yet, or sleep on her front apparently, calling for me is her only option.

Wow, can my girl eat!?! Although I try to cook as much as I can for her from scratch, I have been known to reach for Ella Kitchen pouches a little now and then, and the smooth purées just aren’t cutting it anymore. Luckily they have brought out a new ‘thicker purée’ range, which have been completely perfect for us right now.
She is eating three good meals a day, and still enjoying milk in addition to this.

If you would be interested in post about what she eats in an average day or week, please let me know, also if you would be interested in a review of the new thicker purées from Ella’s kitchen.

Almost overnight, Flossie has mastered the art of rolling, although she has not yet conquered rolling back. This is a slight problem as she soon gets bored of being on her tummy (or gets sick) and has to scream for me to come and roll her back again. I’m sure this will come soon though.
As with most babies this age, everything is going straight in the mouth! If it’s not chewable, she’s not interested. Her fine motor skills are forever improving and she can pass smaller toys from one hand to the other quite happily.

It really is true what they say, every stage is my favourite and I really have loved spending time with Florence this month. But with each day bringing something new, I’m eager to see what six months could hold.

Love Jade xxx


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