Me and Mine

A family Portrait Project


This month has lasted so long and I am secretly quite glad it is over. I am usually the cheerful type, but this month has tried my patience, leaving me ready to welcome November with open arms.
The usual juggles of work and family life were added to by a VERY broken car, a poorly family and a noticeable lack of sleep.

Dear little Flossie has had a nasty chest infection, which has affected her sleep (something I am not used to!) and has left us all a little more irritable that usual.


Having no car did have a surprising upside however, as the removal of the pressure to go to EVERY single baby group going has actually left us a lot more relaxed, and allowed me and Flossie to find a better routine that really works for us.IMG_0718

October ended with a lovely Halloween though! The little love was a pumpkin, and we made gingerbread and carved pumpkins to welcome all the trick or treaters! This is the first time we have lived in an area with lots of families so we were rather excited about having people knocking on our door. We stocked up on chocolate and decorated up and we were thrilled to hand out ridiculous amounts of sugar to anyone that wanted it.

As a credit to our town, we also noticed that every single child that knocked on our door thanked us for their sweets, which we thought was adorable!

Oct12190898_10206913093838826_3890414325827469514_nober also brings with it a half term Holiday, which for a family with multiple teachers means time of work! This allowed us to have a lovely day getting all the girls in our family together; a rare but enjoyable occurrence these days! Excuse the photo quality, it was taken on my sisters phone, but does show four generations of the lovely ladies in my family!

But now the month is over, the car is returned to us and Florence has some foul smelling, yellow antibiotics that will apparently give me my baby and my sleep back.

Come on November, you can top this!

How was your October? I sure hope it topped ours!

Love Jade xxx

dear beautiful

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