The new me?

As I sit here consuming the left overs of last night’s take-away I realize, my lifestyle is doing nothing for me right now! Sure, I adore being a Mummy and I love the busyness that comes with it, but it leaves my eating habits severely lacking. I’m not sure when the limit is, when ‘baby weight’ just becomes fat, but I think I might be getting close!

So I’m making the resolution now! Not next month, or in the new year, but now, to make my life healthier for me.  So here’s the plan:

  1. Drink more water
    I got really good at this when I was pregnant, because it wasn’t just for me (and also because the heartburn was terrible), but since I am lucky if I have a glass a day. I drink slightly more at work, but I need to find the time to keep that up at home. So my water bottle will be by side from now on. I might buy a pretty one actually. Do you think that will make me drink more?
  2. Get my five a day
    Honestly, some days I don’t even get my one! That is SO BAD! Eating well is so important, and gives me so much more energy, so I’m sure it will pay off to put a little more effort into preparing myself something other than a cereal bar at lunch time. The problem is that I am like a child, my husband has to hide vegetables in my food so I don’t know they are there.
  3. Snack less
    I am a boredom eater. If I need to do the ironing, I will need chocolate first. If I’m blogging, I’ll have a biscuit. If there’s food in the fridge, I may as well clear it up! But most of the time I’m not even hungry. So I need to stick to what I should be eating and fill up on the good stuff so I don’t crave that cake!
  4. Avoid play dated than only involve cake
    Cake is my one true weakness. After every play date you will find a little group of mummies at Starbucks, stuffing down a cake before their babies wake up. I am one of those! Why can’t a coffee ever be enough? Why do I order a skinny latte, and then add a bloody muffin last minute?!?!
  5. Exercise
    The last point in my ‘new me’ plan is to attempt to get more exercise. It really isn’t my thing. I did a little, just before I got married, but not since (that was a year and a half ago!). Even if it is just walking with the pushchair in to town, I will give it a go.

So there it is; my new plan for the new me.

How do you keep healthy or avoid piling on the pounds after having a baby? Advice would be greatly appreciated!

I’ll let you know how it goes (or how quickly I give up).

Love Jade xxx


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