Me and Mine

A family Portrait Project


I’m a little late with this one. Hopefully, closer to fashionably late than why-did-she-even-bother late, but it was a photography project I really wanted to begin with my family. The idea of taking whole family photograph once a month ensures that we are ALL in the photo. Lee can’t pretend to busy and escape, I don’t always have to be behind the camera and we can watch our little Flossie grow, month by month.


This month has flown by so quickly and autumn has definitely hit as the month we welcomed in shorts and flip-flops, ends in woolly jumpers and boots.


September to me has always meant one thing, school. I suppose, going straight from school to university, and then uni to teaching has meant that September has always been more of a fresh start than January, and this year has been no different.

It has been a month of settling into our new routine. The schools starting back up again has meant a flurry of baby groups and a return to work for me. There has been a lot to adjust to but I think we are just about getting the hang of things now.  Our Weekly plan of groups, outing and scheduling has begun to work out, as have our daily plans of when Flossie will eat, play and nap.


Flossie has enjoyed spending more time with her Nana, as I have ventured back into the classroom. A big adjustment for us all!

I feel like we have settled into our little family unit now, and a calm has settled upon the home. It’s a busy calm, fast paced, but not stressful.  We are content.

Bring on October

Love Jade xxx

dear beautiful

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