The new me?

As I sit here consuming the left overs of last night’s take-away I realize, my lifestyle is doing nothing for me right now! Sure, I adore being a Mummy and I love the busyness that comes with it, but it leaves my eating habits severely lacking. I’m not sure when the limit is, when ‘baby weight’ just becomes fat, but I think I might be getting close!

So I’m making the resolution now! Not next month, or in the new year, but now, to make my life healthier for me.  So here’s the plan: Continue reading “The new me?”


Me and Mine

A family Portrait Project


I’m a little late with this one. Hopefully, closer to fashionably late than why-did-she-even-bother late, but it was a photography project I really wanted to begin with my family. The idea of taking whole family photograph once a month ensures that we are ALL in the photo. Lee can’t pretend to busy and escape, I don’t always have to be behind the camera and we can watch our little Flossie grow, month by month. Continue reading “Me and Mine”