Flossie at Four Months

It feels like our three month update has only just been posted, yet here we are, another month later.

This month has flown by, with so much going on and my little love bug has changed so much, once again. The older she gets, the more fun she is, and I love spending my days giggling away with her.

I actually know this one this time!  Flossie weighed 15lb and 5oz last Wednesday, putting on nearly 2lb since her last weigh in two weeks ago. That’s not bad going, as I’m sure you’ll agree.  She just seems bigger and definitely longer, judging by her shrinking leggings and my aching back!

Dear little Flossie still sleeps like a… well, a baby. Thankfully, nobody in this household has any issues with sleeping, so good nights are had all round.
She had a bit of a cold earlier on in the month which woke her up a little at night. I think she was struggling to breathe through her nose and woke herself up with her own snoring. A little stroke of her head and some snuffle-babes soon sent her back to the land on nod though.
Other than that, she is still sleeping from six thirty in the evening until around the same time in the morning, with a large morning and afternoon nap, and a few little snoozes in between.

Exploring new flavours has been so much fun with her this month. We have not been weaning her off of her milk yet, so she is still having the same bottles as she was before, we are just adding first tastes into her diet. So far her favourites have been sweet potato and cauliflower cheese, so I think she is more of a savoury girl (I have no idea where she gets that from).
The minute she is placed in her high chair, her mouth is wide with expectation and she likes to attempt to get her own spoon in her mouth.

Is it posable that she has become even more beautiful?
Her hair is now so long, I have to sweep it to the side to keep it out of her eyes. Her eyes have stayed a steely blue/grey, just a little bluer than mine.

The art of picking up toys and throwing them across the room has truly been mastered this month! One by one, each toy will be thrown to the ground. That is, of course, unless it plays a tune high pitched and irritating enough to drive any mother insane…those can stay!
She has shown the beginnings of a roll but has not yet made it all the way over, and can push her walker backwards but not yet forwards, much to her frustration.
Her favourite entertainment however, is singing. Row your Boat (with actions) has proved amusing, as has the Grand Old Duke of York. I hope it’s not just my singing that cracks her up.

IMG_0481So that’s my angel at four months. She grows so quickly! While every day brings something new and exciting, I worry she is growing too quickly for me. I want to keep her my little baby forever!

Thank you for reading and I hope you are enjoying your week so far.

Love Jade xxx


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